Why Choose MVM Living?

-We are a South Philadelphia property management company striving to develop honest, long-lasting relationships in our communities. We offer personal relationships and transparent asset management.

-We have long established relationships with many Philadelphia vendors, suppliers and tradesmen who help us to offer great services at competitive prices by staying local.

-We do not upcharge every chance we get! Our fees are tailored to each client individually based off their needs and participation level. We are not a one-size fits all company and understand that every investment portfolio is different and every owner has specific goals and investment plans in mind.


MVM Living offers our clients a number of services to ensure that we get every owner the best return on their investment. Our property management team offers services that can be catered specifically to suit each client’s needs best. We are here to assist all kinds of investors, whether your portfolio consists of one unit or multiple units.

-Property Assessment Report. New clients can receive a property assessment report which would consist of a site evaluation resulting in a written report providing the present condition of the property, repair recommendations (short-term and long-term), ongoing preventative maintenance recommendations, leasing notes and rental rate estimates. This report is provided to the owner by request on an annual basis thereafter.

-Tenant Placement. MVM Living has abundant resources within our marketing department so as to ensure all vacancies are filled with the shortest turnover time possible. Our tenant application process requires all applicants to pass background and credit checks and hold solid credit standings with no prior evictions.

-Lease Preparation. MVM Living utilizes up-to-date National Association of Realtor residential and commercial leases. We also tailor specific Rules & Regulations for each property to include with every lease to ensure our client’s properties are fully protected and our tenants are aware of the guidelines and expectations.

-Security Deposits & Damage Control. MVM Living handles security collection and damage repair deductions when necessary. Tenant walk-throughs are conducting prior to new lease commencements and before lease terminations to ensure there is no room for confusion when tenants are responsible for property damage.

-Tenant Portal. We offer an online tenant portal for electronic rent payments, maintenance requests, lease copies and more. Tenant requests and repairs are recorded in real time which offers transparency and accountability to our clients.

-Repairs & Maintenance. We pride ourselves in STAYING LOCAL and supporting our local Philadelphia community. We have developed relationships with vendors, tradesmen and repairmen in the area to ensure we are getting the best service at the best price. Our clients can decide if they want to handle a particular repair themselves or have us handle it for them.

-Rent Collection. No more chasing down your rent payments each month. MVM Living offers tenants numerous ways to pay their rental payments including online ACH. Late payments are tracked and late fees are applied automatically when applicable.

-Rent Processing. Our clients receive a monthly statement detailing their portfolio’s income and expense balances.
-Eviction Processing. This is never a pleasant experience. We work with attorney’s to handle this from beginning to end. Additional fees apply.
-Rental Insurance. We require all tenants to obtain and hold renters insurance policies for the duration of their lease term.


MVM Living is a real estate company, focused on property management in the Philadelphia area.  MVM Living is staffed to suit all acquisition and property management needs.   We are working to ensure Philadelphia communities work toward a common goal, where people will be proud to make their house into a  home.  When we purchase real estate our goal is to  provide the community with improved results by positively impacting the neighborhood through a shared commitment of obtaining community feedback focused on results.  MVM Living also offers a full range of property management services